Our Customers

Our customers are some of the most successful, profitable and efficient companies in the world. Our customers understand that attention to detail with regard to all aspects of their business is what makes them industry leaders. In today’s marketplace, there is no place for wasteful and inefficient behavior. This includes how a company handles idled or underutilized equipment, product lines, product names, and other assets. Our customers recognize that sometimes the difference between what makes them great and their nearest competitor can often be in managing the details. We strive to keep our programs simple and easy in order to minimize the effort our customers have to go through to maximize their results. We realize that a company’s first priority is to their primary revenue source but managing all aspects of the business can make a difference. We know that the sale of idled or underutilized assets can be small in relation to other company activities but we take our responsibilities very seriously – knowing full well that our efforts go to fund new projects and keep their companies growing. We know that every dollar captured goes straight to our customer’s bottom line and can make a difference in the overall efficiency of their operations. Our goal is to reach other likeminded companies that appreciate the value of capturing every dollar we can for them. We believe that our company will continue to grow as more companies learn about what we do and what we have to offer – they just haven’t found us yet. We know that our customers and their companies will be around for a long time and our relationship with them will continue for years to come.