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Blog Posted on October 27, 2016

When a surplus machine is identified, take steps to locate and secure any accessories that go with that machine. Sadly, we've seen cases where the machine was sold without the accessories, and when the accessories were later sold, a lot of value was lost. Maximize the value of the accessories by selling them at the same time that you sell the machine.

Blog Posted on October 10, 2016

Clearly, cleaning isn't an appealing task - but if you do it year-round, the task becomes a lot less daunting. Cleaning up boneyards and disposing of idled equipment will help keep your plant more efficient and open up valuable space. Not to mention, add dollars directly to your bottom line. Consider doing your spring cleaning peridoically throughout the year!

Blog Posted on September 29, 2016

You know what your company's strengths are - and most likely, they do not include selling surplus equipment. Without the understanding of how the process works, and what needs to be done to maximize your return, you can greatly diminish sale prices. Oftentimes, companies that handle their own surplus equipment fail to reach the right markets, take enough time to effectively advertise their items, and use the appropriate resources to truly get the most for their equipment.

Blog Posted on September 13, 2016

A lot of companies determine that they are going to miss their Q1 goals and then take steps to change it. Oftentimes, it's too late. Taking steps now to ensure a more profitable first quarter will save you a lot of headaches. Keep in mind, the sale of surplus equipment goes straight to the bottom line. A strong start to the year sets the tone for the rest of it! Even if you aren't short, and you start off stronger than you anticpated, it's never a bad thing!

Blog Posted on August 30, 2016

Costs of ownership not only include the value of the machine and the power and labor to operate it, but also include less obvious costs as well. More subtle costs such as property taxes and insurance can be a drag on your business and bottom line. By disposing of idle assets promptly and getting them off of your books, you can reduce those unnecessary costs.