Why Sellers Should Avoid a "Buy" for Their Assets

In the industry of asset management we tend to see many companies accepting an offer for their assets as a whole. This is beneficial to a company who is going bankrupt with a huge undertaking of a major financial crisis. For the rest of the companies who seek the opportunity to maximize the return on their assets, accepting a buy is not in their best interest. The seller must step back and realize, "why would an asset disposition company offer a number for all of our assets?" Well this is due to the fact that they plan on turning around and holding an auction with those very same assets once they gain possession. Essentially, the seller misses out on a greater recovery margin and they auction company utilizes your property to hold the auction while gaining the margin that the seller lost. Once the seller agrees to a "buy," the seller moves from being the customer to being at the mercy of the auctioneer. Once the auctioneer "owns" the assets, the seller has no leverage and the auctioneer is no longer working on your behalf. We have over 90 years of asset management experience in this industry. We are experts at maximizing return on under-utilized or idled assets. Let us do the work and you keep the value of what is yours.

Here's how CompetiBid will help you acheive a maximum return on your assets and show you a true market value of the assets you wish to sell:

1. CompetiBid evaluates your assets and places them in their own asset categories to help better understand how and who to sell your items to.

2.  CompetiBid has a massive buyer database that is already established. We utilize this database in order to reach the appropriate target market.

3.  Competitive bidding always increase return. The more individuals competing for assets, the higher the financial return.

4.  Our sale is ran online for roughly two weeks which is very convenient to buyers. Unlike live/webcast sales, buyers don't have to worry about being in front of their computer within a certain time frame or in a specific location to buy your assets. This helps keep their cost down, which means they spend more money on your assets.

Some of you might be thinking well.... "auctions are hectic because of the amount of people that are walking around our facility". This is true with the old way our competitors run a sale, but not with us. In fact most of our clients have us sell assets for them while production lines are still operating and the business is thriving. Our buyers only step foot on your property twice. Once for inspections and once to pick up the items they purchased. This makes for very minimal disruption. Don't accept an offer of cash waved in your face and realize that they are trying to capitalize from seller ignorance. We work on a commission basis which means, the better you do, the better we do.