Clean up your facility and increase revenue by selling unused or inferior equipment...Let CompetiBid do the work for you!

Depending on value, we can send equipment specialists to come inspect and obtain photos and specifications of each piece you would like to sell.
You don't have to lift a finger!
You likely have assets that are not being utilized that can be sold almost immediately.  Many of our clients are idling production lines, discontinuing lines of business, or selling segments of their company and have a continuous turnover of assets. The assets that are caught up in these changes often times still have value and that value is likely being ignored. Take advantage of those internal changes by maximizing every opportunity and benefiting when you can. Many customers have chosen to engage us on an ongoing basis to dispose of assets as they become idle and cleared from their facilities. By engaging us on an ongoing basis, it relieves them of the hassle of having to search for a service provider for every location or every batch of surplus assets. We sell small groups of assets as well as complete plants as the opportunities present themselves.