Our Services

CompetiBid provides services to companies by assisting with the sale of idle or underutilized assets. Quite simply, if you aren’t using it, the inventory isn’t moving, or you don’t know where to go with it, we can sell the assets before most if not all of the value is lost. If it is an asset, we want to build a market for it. Unfortunately because many companies don’t know what to do with their idle assets, they let them sit too long and tremendous value is lost.  Don’t make that mistake. In most cases our services do not require any up-front fees and you are charged a commission only if we successfully sell assets for you. Don’t worry- there are no hidden fees either. We are looking for companies that have surplus inventories, product lines, brand names, or machinery and equipment to sell on a one-time or repeatable basis. Let us build a market for you. 

We are specialists in creating competitive bidding environments by determining who the buyers are and bringing them together! We take our experience, hard work, research, and technology to create one-time or repeatable markets that work for you. Unless you spend your time doing this day in and day out like we do, you can’t match our market building skills on your own. Why even try to do it yourself? Let us work with you and provide you with the best results. Our services generally pay for themselves over and over again. You tell us what you need to sell and let us go to work for you. Let us work with you to create strong markets for assets you no longer need. Clean up, Clear out, Cash in. It’s the smart thing to do. Call today for a no obligation consultation.