Our Process

Our competitive bidding process has been repeated thousands of times with a wide variety of asset types. We couple hard work, detailed research, and technology to maximize the returns to our sellers. The following is a brief summary of our process:

  • Identify all assets for sale

  • Create a database of descriptions and photos of the assets

  • Load the information into a redeployment site for internal circulation (optional)

  • Research the market for potential users of the assets

  • Categorize the assets by type and industry

  • Prioritize the assets by market value and desirability

  • Build an auction or negotiated sale event that can be viewed by buyers around the globe

  • Develop an effective marketing strategy that will reach a broad base of potential buyers

  • Conduct the sale in a competitive environment using the latest technology

  • Complete the sale within the allotted timeframe

  • Generate invoices and send to all winning bidders

  • Collect and process all payments

  • Provide the seller with a copy of the buyer’s contact information and paid receipt

  • Submit all appropriate taxes

  • Transfer funds to the seller along with a complete detailed reconciliation

  • On time project completion